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  • Bojler Toplotna Pumpa NE-B235/80P

Bojler Toplotna Pumpa NE-B235/80P

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Kategorija: Toplotne pumpe

Model NE-B235/80P (3HP)
Level of security IPX4
Electric shock protection grade
Rated power 220V~50Hz
Continous water quantity at 43℃ 360L
heat exchanger tank volume 88L
Rated heating capacity 10500W
Rated input power/ current 2490W/11.0A
heating capacity 6500-15000W
input power 1300-3800W
Max input power/ current 4840W/21.7A
Refrigerant/ injection volume R410A/2800g
Compressor form Twin Rotary
quantity 1
brand Mitsubishi
Unit weight 110
Net size 715*400*1650mm
Rated water temp 55℃
Max water temp 60℃
noise ≤49dB(A)
water tank working pressure ≤0.8MPa
Max allowable pressure of heat exchanger 4.4MPa
Max allowable pressure of high/low pressure 4.4MPa
Color Grey
Ambient temperature -25℃-43℃
Inlet&outlet pipe diameter DN20